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In a time where garage rock has spent years at the forefront of Australian Music, the youthful, self-produced Teenage Dads stand alone with their unique, charming indie-pop sound, and have been winning over audiences and musicians alike with their memorable songwriting, electrifying live shows and quirky charisma.

In their effort to bring something new to Australian Music, the four high school friends from the Mornington Peninsula combine a variety of musical elements from international acts in their songs.

Their infectious melodies, intricate synth lines, hooky guitars and punchy drums can be compared to the likes of Phoenix and The Strokes. Meanwhile, their music is reminiscent of the way colourful pioneers The Beach Boys brought unconventional chords and structure to a popular setting.

True to their style, Teenage Dads are completely self operational and produce, record and mix all of their music. This Do-It-Yourself attitude exists in all areas of the band - from artworks to ...

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