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  • Adam Palmer

Festival coming to Euroa in 2021

Tough times for all at the moment.

Social distancing, face masks, business closures, hand outs, unemployment, recession, domestic violence, daily infection numbers, and death count.

The new words of 2020.

All of us have been impacted in some way.

But probably one of the hardest sectors hit has been the music industry.

Live shows, concerts, festivals, and corporate events have mostly been cancelled as we fight this global COVID pandemic.

Artists no doubt have been doing it tough. But spare a thought for all those involved in putting on a show. Event managers, equipment hire business, booking agents, venues, festival promoters, food and drink caterers. The list goes on.

Live music has always been many people's go to when escaping the general pressures of life. Unfortunately, like a lot of things, COVID has ripped this from underneath them.

And with 2020 being the year Euroa was set to host its inaugural music festival, our resolute committee have been working quietly behind the scenes to hatch some sort of plan to get live music rolling again.

But with the latest Victorian outbreak, any plans to hold a live music festival in 2020 have been abandoned.

However, we do see light at the end of the tunnel. We are certain there is a big opportunity to design a music festival where being COVID-safe can be achieved.

Where people can gather safely. Where musicians can share their amazing talents. Where we can come together to the sound of music and have fun!

So we're trying to make our festival happen sooner, rather than later. We're mapping out our plan and discussing it with stakeholders. We’re quietly confident the Euroa Music Festival can be staged in the autumn of 2021.

Rest assured we’ll keep you all posted as announcements can be made.

Keep safe and nice.

Euroa Music Festival x

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