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Artist Submission

Euroa Music Festival expects to receive a large number of artist applications, so to streamline things we request that prospective artists complete the application form. 

There are two opportunities to play at the festival over the weekend.

The first is at the actual one day ticketed Euroa Music Festival on Saturday the 27th of March. Here you would be one of 12 bands playing on the main stage. This line up is now set and applications are closed.

The second opportunity is on the following day (Sunday 28th March) where we are planning to host artists at some of the intimate venues around town. Smaller number of people in attendance at these shows. Applications close 30 January, 2021.


If you'd like to come and volunteer and help us out during the festival we'd love to hear from you. 


We're after volunteers to help out for 4-6 hours during the course of the weekend. In return you get a pass to the festival as well as our very cool EMF t-shirt to swan around in.


We're looking to set Euroa alight with performers busking around town.


As well as getting donations from punters appreciative of your music we've teamed up with Small Time in Brunswick to give away an amazing prize. Details to be put right here real soon!


Busking applications are now open for Euroa Music Festival 2021.


Are you interested in billeting in exchange for festival tickets?

We're asking the wonderful people of Euroa to share their homes.

This is a great way for you to get involved in the Euroa Music Festival, whilst helping us out and getting some free tickets.


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